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Adding a dictionary object to a variable on keyword tests

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Adding a dictionary object to a variable on keyword tests

Has anyone tried setting a variable in a keyword test with a value consisting of a dictionary object (a key value pair) ?


IT can be done on scripts but i never made it worked on KeywordTests


I tried using 

Set Variable varObj and then use code expression to put a value of 


but testcomplete says its not a valid expression. 


I need to put a dictionary object on the keyword test because i will be calling a method/function that accepts a dictionary as a parameter. This object contains a key value pair of headers and header values for use in sending an http requests.


Any leads on how i can achived this?

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I've spent a little bit of time on it and I'm not sure that it's entirely possible to do EXACTLY what you want.


What I ended up doing was creating a script function whose only purpose was to define the dictionary and return it as the result


function defineDictionary(){
    var dict
    dict = {key1:"Value1", key2:"value2"}
    return dict

I then used the run script routine operation in the keyword test to run this.  Then, I used Set Variable to set a variable in the keyword test (type Object) to the Last Operation Result.  I could then access the key value pairs appropriately.


There's probably a way of doing the same with something like Run Code Snippet or something but I haven't figured it out yet.  This is one of the cases, I believe, where writing code in script may be the only way to do exactly what you want.

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Set Variable Value operation can allow you to create dictionary variables inside of TestComplete.

Then using a run code snippet, you can access the key-value pairs inside of the dictionary variable. 

in the screenshots below, I have a dictionary type variable called dict1 with key value pairs key1:value1 and key2:value2. for the sake of simplicity, I have called the value1 using dict1['key1'] and printed the corresponding value with a log message while using run code snippet.

similarly, i used the log operation of the keyword test, and used the value of "code" with the corresponding dictionary syntax (i.e.:  keywordtests.dictionary1.variables.dict1['key2']) and it printed the corresponding value of the second key value pair. 

it is important to note that no matter what you do, even with a keyword test, you will need to call on the proper key value pair using the correct syntax if you are parameterizing these values into your operation.

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Hi, Ive tried this but it doesnt work.


How do you declare the variable , is it an Object type?

Initially, I went into the variables tab and made a new variable called dict 1, which I declared it as an empty dictionary in the default value: {}

and type: object


in hindsight, I could have just used the set variable value operation, and added in a new local variable with some name, and set it as on object, with the value {'key1':'value1', 'key2':'value2',...,'keyx':'valuex'}

then whenever you use some subsequent operation to access these key value pairs, you would use some syntax in the value parameter of that said operation like KeywordTests.myKDTest.Variables.Dict1['keyx']

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Thanks for the help, hkim5, tristaanogre!


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