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How to insert new sheet in FarPoint Spread object?

Occasional Contributor

How to insert new sheet in FarPoint Spread object?

Can anyone help me in adding new sheet in Farpoint Spread object? I am using TestComplete 14.0 version. I got to know some relevant functions to add a sheet but not able to use it properly:


bwSpread = Aliases.ClausionFPM.TemplateEditWindow.splitContainer1.SplitterPanel.uxtpnlInpRptOutlook.uxSplitContainerControl.SplitGroupPanel2.tableLayoutPanel3.Edit_Template;





Community Manager

Re: How to insert new sheet in FarPoint Spread object?

Hi @Vinaydhi,


As far as I understand, you want to add a sheet programmatically. You will need to use native methods and properties of the control for this. TestComplete allows doing this. 


First of all, I suggest that you explore the vendor documentation to identify methods you can call from TestComplete. I've found this article. I think it may help you.


Also, I recommend that you review this example - it contains an example demonstrating how to read data from the FarPoint Spread control in TestComplete. You can use it to create your own function.

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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