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TC wont recognize VScroll & HScroll properties

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TC wont recognize VScroll & HScroll properties

I recently joined a company which uses TC 7.52. Now I am learning the functionality of the TC by referring to help files. I am having some issues testing our software with TC. TC is not recognizing the objects of our software properly.

 Mainly my issue today is with the VScroll and HScroll properties.Basically I am trying to drag the vertical scroll bar and select the values in the table while recording. I am able to see the VScroll property in the recorded script but when i try to run the program it wont generate the virtual user actions by logging an error message. I tried to find the property in "object browser" but I cant find any thing by the name VScroll or HScroll or even in the "object mapping" tab too.

Our software is developed in Java language and I am working under administrator privileges with Windows Vista OS.  

 I tried searching the help files but no use. I struck at this point and not able to move forward.I have to catch up very quickly with this new tool in a very short time and I can not afford losing time. 

If somebody can help me with this I would be very grateful.

RE: TC wont recognize VScroll & HScroll properties


See my reply here.
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