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Is there a way to delete the log summary automatically after each run


Is there a way to delete the log summary automatically after each run


After each run Logs creating in the left panel and every time I am scrolling up to see the scripts and wasting my time. Is there a way in TestComplete to delete the logs summary after each run. If Yes, what are the changes do I have to make in my Test Complete.
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Unless otherwise specified, TestComplete stores all logs for all test runs.  

However, you can configure test complete to delete all but a certain number of recent logs.  You can do this in TestExecute as well.

In TestComplete, go to Tools | Options | Engines and select the Logs option.

In TestExecute, run TestExecute stand-alone and right click on the systray Icon.  Select Options and go to Engines and Logs.

There is a check flag in that section that reads "Store all logs".  Make sure that is unchecked.

When that is unchecked, a different option is enabled that indicates the number of logs to store.  If you set that to a number, after every test run, TestComplete will automatically delete any log entries in excess of that number, starting with the oldest.

For myself, on my test lab boxes that run automatically, I prefer to keep that value set to 50.  That gives me at least a month and a half of history of the logs for reference (although I export my logs to a server location anyways) for immediate access.  For my own personal machine where I'm doing development of tests, I set that down to something like 20 as I don't need a lot of history for all the debugging and development work I do on automation.

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Its working and now I set for 10 logs and logs are not interrupting the scripts tree. Thank you for your time.
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hi there,

we are using testcomplete/testexecute for automatic scheduled testing.

there are occasions where a test hangs and needs to be killed by our scheduler.

this leaves behind old logs in the log directory, which are then never deleted, even if setting the number of logs to keep to zero.

would it be possible to somehow convince testexecute to really keep only the last say 5 or 50 logs in the logs directory and not only those it knows about ?

thanks and best regards


Hi Martin,


There is no a built-in way to do this. The point is that you can add a log file to your project from any folder on your machine of even from a network folder. The Log subfolder within the project folder is just the default location for logs and they are do not have to be located in this folder. However, I have registered your suggestion in our database, thank you.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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