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Chrome not detected as a browser object

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Chrome not detected as a browser object

When I try to access chrome while one of my projects is open, I can access chrome as a browser object (Sys.Browser("chrome")):




But after I try another one of my projects under a different project suit, it can't seem to detect it as a Browser: 



This problem persists when I write subroutines in the scripts under this project (I'm using VBScript for both projects). Even if I record a test using TestComplete and it generates a subroutine using the browser object, it can't run the subroutine later on.

Even if I open a new project under the project suite that's currently holding the problematic project, I can access the browser object. I can't seem to figure out what's different with this particular project that's stopping it from accessing the browser object. Could anyone give some possible reasons for this happening?

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Re: Chrome not detected as a browser object

Thank you for the question!


@AlexKaras @Wamboo @tphillips , any thought on this one?

Sonya Mihaljova
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Re: Chrome not detected as a browser object

Thanks for replying, I was waiting for someone to hopefully be able to shed some light on this. Any updates on that?

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