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Changing UI elements

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Changing UI elements

I'm new to TestComplete and about to start using it for a new app currently in dev. 

Can Key Word Driven testing handle changing UI elements? What effect would changing UI elements have on the automated test script?  Does anyone know if there is any information available about TestComplete dealing with changing UI elements?

Ideally what I'd like to determine is - 'this can be changed and is a minimal issue but this will cause big problems if changed, etc



Hi Bridgette,

If changes in your application are associated with changes of objects' names, you can use the Name Mapping feature to give special mapped names to objects. However, when Name Mapping is used, you need to map not only the needed object, but also all of its parent objects as well. So, if there are some changes in the object hierarchy, Name Mapping cannot avoid the objects availability problem. In this case, you can use another feature - Aliases. Objects mapped with the Aliases feature are available by their independent mapped names. Please see the 'Name Mapping - Overview' help topic for more information.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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And If you want to avoid the dependency on the pre-mapped parents hierarchy you could write script that'll  find the object you expect on the screen at the run time using find child method on the most parent object that's sure to appear in all combination's.

Syed Ahmed Safvan

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