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6 years ago

Access UI elements inside Xamarin.Forms.ListVIew.



I am working on automated tests for an Instrumented Application using the Xamarin.Forms on Android.


After entering the Assemblies for Xamarin Forms in the code of the app by the developers, I can't manage to have access to elements that are contained by the listView, nor with ObjectSpy, nor I can't find a suitable method to access them by code. I am using FullNames to get the elements. Is there another way besides using the Aliases to have access to the items in such a listview? I have tried also with Children, there is no wItem(index) way to do it, there is no SelectItem like in another listView. I need to get the content of the list view and test each element and also do a touch on it, without having to switch to Aliases and this approach. Also FindAll methd does not have any result.


  var navigationpage;
  Mobile.SetCurrent("Moto G (5)");
  navigationpage = Aliases.Device.Process////.navigationpage.mainpage.navigationpage;, 690, 157);
  navigationpage.deviceconnectionpage.stacklayout.stacklayout.label.Touch(683, 119);


            for (var i = 0; i < listview.wItemCount; i++)


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