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[Week 9] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far


[Week 9] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far

Hi all,

Check out the Week 9 preliminary results of our API Summer 2018 event:


1st place


with 7 points

2nd place

@harry and @MoUddin

with 6 points each

3rd place

@jhanzeb1 and @karengibbs

with 4 points each


Let me remind you that the task is to create the biggest number of topics and give the biggest number of replies in on ReadyAPI forums to win:


  • you get 1 point for one new topic or reply;
  • you get 2 points for a new topic to which SmartBear moderators attach the TechCorner label.


We are looking forward to your useful scripts, instructions, use cases or any experience you want to share with our Community. Check this post for some scripts you could implement. Just don’t forget to create a new topic for it.


We will announce the winners on Monday!


Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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