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7 years ago

Week 7 API Summer Leaders

Hi everyone!


It is Thursday, so it’s time to announce preliminary API Summer results for this week. We have two leaders so far: Lucian and groovyguy. These guys have been very active and have contributed a lot of useful information. Lucian, Matthew, thank you so much! You are one step closer to winning gift cards from SmartBear.


Everyone still has a chance to win – your weekly task is to start new topics on the ReadyAPI forums. Here are some things to post:


  • Ask product-related questions
  • Share useful plugins, interesting scripts, or How To samples
  • Etc.


Also, this week, you have the opportunity to earn additional points by replying to the following topics:


Testing procedures and training
Is Codeless Script Creation possible in SoapUI Pro?
The State of Testing Survey is back! It’s time to weigh in


How to run rest requests dynamically using groovy
How to fetch rest get method request parameters using groovy script


Good luck!

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    Awesome contribution, Lucian and Matthew! Keep it up.

    I like the the possibility to earn the additional points :) Thanks for allowing this Sonya!