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API Summer 2018 – Join the event starting on June 4



Hello Team,


I’m happy to invite you to join our exclusive prize-winning challenge in the ReadyAPI Community! Anyone can easily accept the challenge – just keep creating posts in the Community. Those of you who will create the biggest number of replies or topics will win. The winners will be announced each week and rewarded with great gift cards.

Interested? Let’s start on June 4.


Where to join

Join the API Summer 2018 challenge here



June 4 - August 31


How to win

There will be 3 tasks that you will need to accomplish to have a chance to win each week. The three tasks are:

  1. June - Give the biggest number of replies to any questions
  2. July - Post the biggest number of topics (questions, tech posts, use case topics) in the ReadyAPI Community
  3. August - Give the biggest number of replies and post the biggest number of topics



Each week, we will decide 3 winners and reward them with the gift cards:


$50 gift card


$35 gift card


$15 gift card



API Summer 2018 Rules

There should always be some rules:

 -   To participate in the program, you must have a SmartBear Community account

 -   The program takes place in the Ready! API Community:

 -   Any SmartBear Community member can become a winner except for the SmartBear employees

 -   There will be 3 tasks according to the following schedule:



Winners Announcement

June 4-30

Give the biggest number of replies each week

each week

July 1-29

Ask the biggest number of questions each week

each week

July 30 - Aug 31

Give the biggest number of replies and ask the biggest number of questions

each week


 -   Winners will be decided on a weekly basis: every Monday, winners for the previous week will be announced.

 -   Every week, we will decide three winners and get rewards from SmartBear: 1st place - $50 gift card, 2nd place - $35 gift card, 3rd place - $15 gift card.

 -   Members who will cheat will be informed and may be disqualified.

 -   The period within which the participant activity is registered - Monday 12AM UTC – Sunday 12 PM UTC



Meet the weekly winners:


Week 1:

  1. @msiadak
  2. @nmrao
  3. @richie

Week 2:

  1. @nmrao
  2. @Pratap
  3. @richie


Week 3:

1. @msiadak

2. @Lucian

3. @sanj


Week 4:

1. @msiadak

2. @Lucian

3. @sanj


Week 5

1. @msiadak

2. @Lucian

3. @sanj


Week 6

1. @Lucian

2. @sukanya 

3. @shubhimu


Week 7

1. @Lucian

2. @msiadak

3. @Radford

3. @richie


Week 8

1. @Lucian

2. @shubhimu

3. @aaronpliu


Community Manager

What a great opportunity to have some fun and get some gifts! I’m looking forward to seeing the first winners Cat Wink Don’t miss the chance guys!


During the event, we are posting additional tasks, which can give you additional points to your score.

So, keep an eye on our updates in the SoapUI Pro forum not to miss the chance to earn extra points!