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6 years ago

Week 8 API Summer Leaders

Hello Community!


You are about to find out the preliminary leaders for this week of API Summer 2018. Here they are: aaronpliu and shubhimu. Good job! Thanks to everyone who participated.


I’d like to mention that this week we have a lot of new participants, which is always nice to see. Let’s say hello to chico-uspto and superv0672!


There are still some days left for you all to participate in this week’s challenge and win gift cards for SmartBear. For this, create new topics on the ReadyAPI forums. You can just start a conversation by posting a product-related question, come up with your own post ideas, or use this post as a reference.


I am happy to announce that you have a chance to win additional points this week. To do this, answer in the following threads:


Database configuration error: time zone property
is there a way to solve duplicate parameter in both header and query
SoapUI Pro


How stable are your regression tests?
Open Question Sorry! - General Ideas To Improve My SoapUI Testing?


Good luck!

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