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ReadyAPI 1.7.0 frequent crashes

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ReadyAPI 1.7.0 frequent crashes

Me and my colleague having the same problem - sometimes readyAPI 1.7.0 just vanishes just after a mouseclick, without doing anything special. We couldn't find a reason, appears random? This happens about once a day, which makes it unusable for us and we have to go back to 1.6.0 ...


Is there a log or anything we could check to diagnose the problem? This has never happened in any previous version, we had crashes but never seen that it's just gone without a message or anything ...




After a lot of back and forth working with SmartBear on this, sending them crash reports and logs, the problem has been tracked down!


If you download the latest Ready API 1.9 nightly build, the crashing should be solved.


I've been using it for about a month now since the fix and it hasn't crashed a single time.  I wanted to use it for a while before reporting that the issue's resolved for me.




It was a really really esoteric bug, not surprising it took long to uncover.  There's a small icon that is sometimes displayed over the Transaction Log button after running tests in certain conditions. The icon indicates potential performance issues when it detects timing differences between multiple runs of the same test case (e.g. when running in a loop, with different response times in each loop). It's just to get the user's attention so that they can decide if they want to dig deeper.


However, when this icon is visible, and you switch focus a different window, then ReadyAPI got into a locked state while trying to refresh the icon while it no longer had focus.

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