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Collaborator 13.12.131200 miss draws text panes on Firefox

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Collaborator 13.12.131200 miss draws text panes on Firefox

When opening a file for review in Firefox the text widget on the comments is is drawn larger than its boundary - frequently over-lapping buttons and and other important information.

Typing and then deleting something forces the text box to be redrawn correctly. This problem is extremely irritating.


It always used to work correctly but the problem started occurring when the server was upgraded to 13.12.131200.

(Am using Firefox 101.0.1 on Windows 10)




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I have the same issue with 14.0.14000 and firefox 102.0.1. i assume no resolution has been found.

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None yet.
Doesn't look like Smart Bear monitors these threads.
Have escalated the issue in my company but don't know if an official ticket has been raised with Smart Bear yet.

An official ticket has been raised - so now we wait.

Looks like Smart Bear already knew about this. They say:

Thank you for reporting this issue. This problem is already known to us, and our team is working on fixing it. This bug is tracked in COLLAB-9492. When it is implemented it will be listed on the "What's New page"


Consider using a browser other than Firefox, such as Chrome or Edge. On them, this problem does not occur. 

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