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4 years ago

Zephyr for JIRA - test case links within folders have disappeared after user accounts modified

A few days ago our JIRA admin made a few changes:


Yesterday I made changes to the groups under Administration site. I deleted a hand full of groups that were empty to clean up the list as I added a bunch of new groups to better track what users belonged to what company departments.


I also moved the “Access to product” permission from jira_user group to user group to reduce the number of groups we need to assign when creating new users.


Afterwards, our Zephyr test case folders no longer show the proper link to the test case issue in JIRA.  I've attached a screenshot of what we're seeing now (look at area circled in red), the test cases *should* display as a working link in the format of TST-XXXX


Any ideas on what to do?  We've tried re-indexing and clearing the Zephyr cache.  We're using JIRA cloud so no re-indexing of JIRA appears possible. 

  • Please check the global level permissions and also Project level schema permissions and make sure All the users in new group should be part of Atlassian-add-admin/Atlassian-addon-project group in browse project and user groups


    If you are still facing the issues, please raise ticket in

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