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6 months ago

Updated Zephyr Squad Cloud version (01-11-23) for existing Cloud users

Hi everyone,


I am trying to find out when the new version of Zephyr Squad Cloud (including the folder structure update) will be made available for existing Cloud users.


In a blogpost from Smartbear on november 1st it is mentioned that the new Zephyr Squad Cloud version has already been made available for new Cloud users but not yet for existing users. Do we have an indication of when this will be available for existing users?


Thank you!

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  • Hi sanjeevpande ,

    Thank you for getting back to me so soon, I shall fill out the form you sent me.

    I was wondering if you do have a rough estimate of the release date, should we think in weeks or months? We are just starting with a new project so I am trying to decide if I should start building my test cases in the current version or wait for the release.


    Another question: if we were to uninstall our current version of Zephyr, would we then be able to install the new version? So far Zephyr has only been used for practice purposes, so uninstalling / no data migration wouldn't be an issue.

    Kind regards,