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3 years ago

Zephyr Scale - Way to generate and save Test Execution Reports

Is there a way to generate and save e.g. into PDF or save as file - the Test Execution Reports from Zephyr Scale without having to create a dashboard?


In addition - when a dashboard is created, is there a way to generate a PDF?

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    Having to do this from memory as I don't have access to Zephyr Scale at the moment ğŸ˜ž


    I'm guessing you want to share with external people.  I don't think there is a PDF option at the moment but some options that might help:


    1. You can run a report with your criteria and share the URL.  The criteria is dynamic and included in the URL so when run, the report will be updated

    2. You can download the dataset used in the reports, e.g. execution test results (list), and create your own report suite

    3. You could try a 'print to PDF' on the dashboards but not sure how that will look



  • You don't have to create a dashboard to generate Test Execution reports.


    On any of the Zephyr Scale pages, click the reports button in the top right:



    This will bring you to the reports page, where you can run on-demand test execution reports. All the reports can be printed to PDF or exported to excel using the buttons on the top right of the report. 



    You can also view test execution results via dashboard gadgets in Jira, but I don't think Jira has the ability to generate dashboards to PDFs .


    If you're also using confluence, check out the Zephyr Scale Reporting plug-in for Confluence , which is a free app to create Zephyr Scale reports and dashboards in Confluence.