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2 years ago

TestComplete Integration with Zephyr Scale and Jenkins

I am trying to run TCUnit Test in TestComplete and I want to automate this build using Jenkins and I want to send the results to Zephyr scale.. Is this possible? Or can we only do with integration framework like NUnit, Junit etc

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    Hi sinis ,

    From my experience, I can confirm that TestComplete can send the results to the Zephyr scale for each test run.

    For each test run from test execution or project suite, we follow the steps below:

    1. On the test start event handler, we get the current test execution name from the Execution plan and then call API to create the cycle name.
    2. On  OnStopTestCase we call the API to create test execution results and so on.

    About the APIs to interact with Zephyr scale, please have a look at:

    Hopefully, this can help.