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5 years ago

ZBOT Folder Watcher - Set Cycle Name with A Path

Hi All!


I am running a number of Test Complete Jobs via Jenkins and having a ZBOT grab the results with a Folder Watcher.  This has worked well for the past few months.


I would now like to create a Folder Watcher that would allow the Test Executions to be in a nested Folder by Area, by Job.


For Example - In Folder Watcher :


 Cycle Name : Automation_Runs > Test_Area > Admin_Run_Job


My question is : How do I set the Cycle Name to allow me to nest the Test Executions under a "Test_Area" (above)??


I have tried the following :


 Cycle Name : Automation_Runs > Test_Area > Admin_Run_Job


Results in Test Execution folder structure : 


Release 1.0 

     Automation_Runs > Test_Area > Admin_Run_Job




I would LIKE to see a folder structure  : 


Release 1.0 






Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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  • if you are using the folder watcher job, the cycles is created when you dictate it within your folder watch job creation. You may have noticed by now (since its been 3 months) that the subsequent phase (and the nested phase structure) that is created reflects the folder structure of the test repo folder that you chose. 


    So if you'd like to create that structure, you would need to mirror that within your release level test repository, and select that sub phase for your folder watcher job config. then you will see that it is created when you run/gather your folder watcher results