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12 months ago

Your project suite '...' is located on a network drive

TestComplete 15.44

Web application testing


Moving our tests to the cloud. They are unattended, so there is no one there to watch them.


Because all of the Document folders are on networked drives, starting a project pops up with the "Your project suite '...' is located on a network drive"dialog box. The tests stop until someone has to log in  to the cloud account and answer the question.


The problem is with 397 project suites, I don't want to have to run each one just to update the .pjs file.

Nor do I want to edit all 397 .pjs files manually.


Is there a way to globally answer the popup dialog box as No for all projects?


 Additionally, this is a TestComplete issue for *ANY* popup dialog, where it waits for an answer before proceeding.

Yes, you can set a timeout for TestComplete, and it will eventually fail, but the next time it runs, it asks again.

There needs to be a way to prevent/answer dialogs like this, because more and more tests are unattended (Think Continuous Improvement environments)


Most tests are started as command line using scripts, so if there is a command line solution, that might work.




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