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9 years ago

XML Checkpoint from SQL Server Database

I am looking to perform a checkpoint verification against XML that I have extracted from a SQL Server database. I have created a JScript function to extract the data from the database and have created an XML object in the stores to save the baseline copy, however, I am unsure how to pass the XML into the checkpoint. Can I just save the data into a project variable and use this for the checkpoint?


I have been trying to save the SQL query into a file by passing the results of my database query function into the following:


function SaveXML(XMLFile)
var File = Storages.XML(XMLFile);



But this is just saving a blank XML document (I have already verified the output from the database to ensure that this is being passed across):


<?xml version = "1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>


Apolgoies if I am missing something obvious - I'm new to scripting!

  • Thanks for your help, I have managed to achevie this by saving the XML returned from the database using:



    I am then doing a standard XML checkpoint within the keyword test.

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    can you pl explain what you are trying to achive..

    there could be simpler way to do  that.

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      My test is generating XML in a database - I want to run a checkpoint to verify that it matches a baseline copy of the XML (except for a few ID values that will change).