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8 years ago

WPFObject XamGrid FindAllChildren returning array of undefined

I'm automating manual test cases against an Infragistics WPF desktop application which contains various grids, most of which are XamDataGrid objects. However, now I've encountered one which is an XamGrid and is proving to be rather difficult to deal with...


It seems that TestComplete is not recognizing this XamGrid object as a grid and is not exposing the convenient properties & methods associated with grids (i.e. wRowCount, wValue, FindRow, etc.).


One curious result I'm seeing which is preventing me from making progress is that while the FindAllChildren method is exposed for this object, the results returned are always arrays of "undefined" which is useless and leads me to suspect that this type of object is not [correctly] supported in TestComplete (as of version Please see screenshots.


Has anyone else encountered this result (or even a different result) against this type of object? Any tips or suggestions you may have would be most welcome.


Thanks in advance,