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9 years ago

workload and TestExecute



I have one TestExecute licence, but shortly all the tests i'm running on TE will take about 24 hours.

So I should have a second TE licence, but I wonder to know if there is a way to automaticaly dispatch tests to theses 2 TE licences ?

I will keep one TestComplete node-locked licence and I wish I could keep one single ProjectSuite having 2 projects.

Could someone advise ?

Thank you,



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      One clarification: One TestExecute license allows you to open one product instance. It’s no related to how many projects you are going to execute. I recommend that you read the "Working With License Manager" ( ) help topic that explains the operations you can perform with your License Manager PC (the machine that will keep all your licenses).

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    Hi Marsha and Tanya,



    Thank you very much for the links but I think I already read theses pages.

    In fact I wonder to know if there is a way that automaticaly dispatches tests to several TestExecute licences.

    But while saying this to myself I understand that TE could not know what test has to be run or not.


    Unfortunatly, this will lead to waste TE time... I will have to set up one TE workload but with some extra time to be sure that it will fit into a specific timelapse (obviously less that a day for daily tests...).