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4 years ago

Why Web object ID are changed when upgraded to TestComplete 14.73

My Automation suite is failing as after upgrading TC to 14.73 , When I spy the objects on Web page (Angular) it shows different ids.

Is there any way to restore object identification same as version 14.70





  • Hi, 


    It looks like the identification is different only on the specific level of the hierarchy (see highlighted in bold):


    Sys["Browser"]("chrome")["Page"]("")["Panel"](0)["Panel"](0) ["Panel"](3)["Panel"]("logical_view_wrappe...)




    So, probably, this is still the same object, but TestComplete 14.73 started using its name for the object addressing. So, if you are using Name Mapping, you can simply modify the object properties that are used for mapping. After this, all your tests will work again. This is an advantage of Name Mapping, you can change the identification in one place only one time. Or, you can use the Conditional Mapping Criteria to make tests work in both TC versions. 


    It is hard to say anything else without a web page. If you want to continue the investigation, feel free to create a support case

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