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5 years ago

Which function should I use to detect if a button on-screen is detectable or not with Object Spy?

Windows 10 TC Version: 14.0.317.7 x64 Android device on Android 7.1.1   I guess due to the way the app was written, a button that's on screen and visible (to human eyes), regardless whether or no...
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    5 years ago



    Object Spy does not provide any additional API to control its 'sensitivity'. Object Spy either can identify an object or not.

    You may consider two options:

    a) Try to figure out a set of properties that will indicate that the second view is open and overlaps the button. So you will be able to determine whether or not the button can be tapped;

    b) Use the Object Browser and try to identify the view and button when they are overlapped and, again, try to figure out the properties that will indicate that the view/button cannot be tapped.