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15 years ago

Visual Studio and Third party control for use with Test Complete


I am currently using microsoft visual studio 2005, and testcomplete enterprise on same box,  we have a testing box that will only be using testexecute,  I've looked up 3rd party tools like tortise and some other tools and cant seem to find an answer.

essentially I just need a 3rd party tool that can point to visual studio repository and pull the project so I can have my test box just pull the latest project and tests and be able to just run testexecute without having visual studio installed on that box or testcomplete.

any suggestions?

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  • Hi Wilson,

    I recommend that you take a look at Automated Build Studio - the tool allows automating scenarios when you need to build your application, work with an SCC system and test the newly compiled version of your application. Please see the following page for more information on Automated Build Studio:

    Note, however, that you will still need to have an SCC client installed on your machine in order to work with an SCC system from either TestComplete or Automated Build Studio (both applications allow working with SCC systems).