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22 days ago

Verify file exists in keyword test,not showing result if true

I use if then statement in keyword test and it looks like this -

After selecting if in value 1 I took code expression and added this line :


And in value2 I select boolean and value as true.

So this will check if file exist is true .Then it will log message -File created .
But these steps are not working and also file is present in the given folder .Also tried with aqFileSystem.Exists(Path). Not logging message .
Is there any step I am missing 


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    Not sure if this will help you much but I have a script routine that I call in a keyword test to do something similar:

    function DownloadFileExists()
        var file = "C:\\Users\\" + Sys.UserName + "\\Downloads\\Text_Messaging.pdf"
        if (aqFileSystem.Exists(file)) {
            Log.Message("File exists: " + file);
        } else {
            Log.Error("File does not exist")