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11 years ago

VBScript Runtime Error when Using DDTDriver Object in TestExecute

Currently I've tried to use TestExecute to run my test scripts and met some unexpected runtime error which never occurred when I tried in TestComplete.

In my scripts, I tried to open the excel file using the DDTDriver Object (actually the ExcelDriver).

The script I create the ExcelDriver is as follows: 

p.s. I am sure that AccessDatabaseEngine has already been installed in my testing environment.


Function getDriverObject(strSpreadSheetName, strDriverName)


  Dim pathresource


  pathresource = Project.Path + "Resources\" + strSpreadSheetName

  Set getDriverObject = DDT.ExcelDriver(pathresource, strDriverName, TRUE)

  getDriverObject.Name = strDriverName


End Function


And the scripts to read the excel content is as follows:


Function getContentFromSpreadSheet(ByRef strDriverName, strColumnName)


    strTemp = DDT.DriverByName(strDriverName).Value(strColumnName)


    If IsNull(strTemp) then

        getContentFromSpreadSheet = ""


        getContentFromSpreadSheet = strTemp

    End if


End Function


The issue is that I need to call the funtion "getContentFromSpreadSheet" several times in each cases, and there are always some cases failed due to the error "item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal". The error occurred when execute the statement below:


strTemp = DDT.DriverByName(strDriverName).Value(strColumnName)


Since I need to read excel file to get my testing data, this issue will block my entire testing scenario. So I really need some suggestions. Thanks a lot!

p.s. I do remember calling the DDT.CloseDriver(strDriverName) each time when I  finish the entire loop in the excel file.


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    hi  actually the issue not related with DDT

    "item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal".

    Make Sure u have Valid columnname in excel.debug test and check for columnname which matches excel column name in this line

    strTemp = DDT.DriverByName(strDriverName).Value(strColumnName)

    u can also get column name through script

     temp=DDT.CurrentDriver.ColumnName(Index)  'index of column

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    I don't think I pass the incorrect column name. The face is that everytime some cases fails, but I don't know which ones fail, and the same case may fail after I ran it several times.

    For example:

    I have 10 cases to be run and case-A is one of them. First time case-A had been executed without any error found, but next time, the error occurred when executed case-A. And the third time, the error will occurred in executing case-B.

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    Hi Kevin,

    The Google search with the error text as a parameter ( returns quite a lot of results with the root of the problem that people tried to get results from the closed or in any other way invalid recordset.

    So I would recommend to check your code if it does not occasionally close or invalidate in some other way DDT driver.