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3 years ago

How to convert vbscript code to javascript in testcomplete

Hi Guys,

               I have one project in that project i have 200 test cases all test cases belongs to Vbscript . Now i want to convert to Vb script to javascript. Could you please advise any tool is availble in smartbear?


  • Babulu There isn't an automatic way to convert your tests.  

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  • Hi Babulu 


    I'm afraid it's not possible to convert scripts from one scripting language to another since each project defines a single language to use.


    However if perhaps you have tests in Keyword Test format which you have converted to VBScript, you can create a new project using Javascript and add these keyword tests by right clicking on the KeywordTest repository, Add > Existing Item. After adding you can convert these from Keyword Test to script.


    Hope this helps




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      hi mikef thanks for the information but my scripts are in descriptive programing. is there any possibilities pelase let u know

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        Babulu There isn't an automatic way to convert your tests.