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  • Hi krishnakanth - 


    Could you provide a bit more information about what the error message is and what you are trying to validate? I am unable to access that link when clicking on it I am prompted to log into an application.



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      Hi ebarbera ,

      I am using the default credential "demo"(for both userid and password).

      I am trying to print the bar chart values that appears when the user hovers the mouse on the each bar.

      Can you please suggest a possible solution in vbscript to do the same. 

      The chart I am trying to fetch values from : Dashboard -> 2-Building consumption Ranking -> Lighting Energy Ranking by Zone -> Bar chart

      From the console(after inspecting) , I am able to reach the elements with : AmCharts.charts[0].chartData, but not sure how to integrate it with my vbscript.