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8 years ago

automate the validation of testcomplete tool

Hi all,


My requirement is to validate testcomplete tool itself.
How do I automate the validation of testcomplete tool ?


Thank you.

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    8 years ago

    Just to note how we solved the three requirements that I indicated:



    1) We determined to use a data driven framework based in JScript that used CSV data to generate the tests. Within the CSV data for each test executed, we provided space for the tester to indicate the specific requirement ID being validated by the indicated test

    2) Within that framework, we added an additional column for verbose description of what each test step included so that a non-technical person could read the output log and understand the sequence of the tests

    3) Built in to TestComplete are values to return the machine name, the operating system, and the logged on user name. These were included as a log entry at the start of every test execution to be able to report the environment for the test

    4) We included in the test run an export of the test log to an MHT file format to a shared directory so that the test evidence was "portable" to anyone who needed to be able to read and verify the test completion.

    With these 4 things, we were able to meet the three requirements that I mentioned. There were more requirements than those three but I don't recall them in detail at this time but we implemented similar demonstrations to show that TestComplete could provide accurate testing and sufficient test reports to meet our CFR Part 11 compliant processes and procedures.

    If you think this is extreme, we had to do it for TFS, for Visual Studio, for MSSQL Server, etc., to prove, for each of these, that the tool met our process and procedures to maintain our CFR Part 11 compliance. Some of the stuff we documented as "widely used industry standard COTS application" so we didn't have to test and prove EVERYTHING, just those things that may be atypical according to our particular use.

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    What is it about TestComplete that are you trying to validate?

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      I am trying to validate its important features like functional testing, regression testing, data-driven testing,distributed testing etc.

      Basically trying to validate its intended uses.