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4 years ago

validate wValue against Project Variable in UltraGrid

Hi there,


I have an UltraGrid with one row, I want to make sure a column in that row is the JobNumber I created earlier on and is stored as a Project Variable.


I have the Property Checkpoint setup as wValue(0,2) equals Project.Variable.JobNum but it want's an explicit value (which I don't know before the test, hence variable)

how can I get this to work?


Checkpoint Setup:





I'm having one of those days, I'm sure this is an easy one for the gurus!

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      I did say it was one of those days, so previously I've done everything in script form, for this project I'm doing Keyword tests/recordings and so my options were not as obvious (to me) 

      the compare properties option works just great for this. And I think that article is what I was trying to find, but clearly my search criteria wasn't up to scratch!


      Thank you!

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        I do a mixed batch of tests too.  In keywords, you can use Run Code Snippet or Run Script Routine to sneak some code in there if you need it.