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6 years ago

Using the find method(s) ...not sure what I am doing wrong

My goal is to expose the on screen objects I want exposed in script (and obfuscate the hierarchy in name mapping...).    I have some code:   /// This script exposes objects frm the LOGIN PAGE...
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    6 years ago

    The "Name" property is not what you think it is.  It's actually, if you look at it in the Object Spy the full name of "TextBox('loginstart_username')".  It's not a recommended property to find for.


    What you probably want to do, if you're going to use "Find", is to actually pass in arrays of properties and values.  So, in your example, you would want something like


    pageRoot.Find(['ObjectType', 'ObjectIdentifier'],['TextBox', 'loginstart_username'], 9999, true)


    Now... that all said....  what you're trying to do, as I see it, is remove all those "Panel.Panel.Panel" references...and you say that you're doing so to obfuscate NameMapping...

  probably aren't using the Aliases right in NameMapping then.

    Basically, if I have an object that NameMapping might map like



    The Alias, when you first map it MIGHT look like this.



    Well, if you edit your Alias, you can drag loginTextBox to be a direct chiild of the page and then "Exclude" all the intermediary stuff.   So, your NameMapping.Sys will still look the same (which is OK... and necessary) but your Alias will look like



    Read up on NameMapping at


    While Find WILL work....  you end up with an overhead that is unnecessary.  Find, actually, consumes more time and processor time than if you're using the NameMapping repository for object identification.  And, with NameMapping, there's less code to maintain and keep track of.  Check it out.