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12 years ago

Using jscript to delete a directory and all contents

Below is code that I am trying to use to remove directories and all contents, but each time it runs the if statements work, but the DeleteFolder statements give me a path not found error.

function removeDirectories(clientDirectory, processExportDirectory, extractExportDirectory) {

var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");

if (fso.folderExists(clientDirectory)) {



if (fso.folderExists(processExportDirectory)) {



if (fso.folderExists(extractExportDirectory)) {




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  • If it makes any difference I found that I do not run into the error if the directory is local, only if it is on a network share, either UNC path or Mapped drive gives the same results. Once again the if statements work on UNC, Mapped drive, and local paths.
  • I figured out the issue, Apparently if you try to delete any file or folder that has a path longer than 255 characters you get the path not found error. Until I can find a work around I have changed it to move the folder instead of deleting it.