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8 months ago

Linkable directory with its content

Hello everyone, 


It's been several years of this feature being absent and I just don't understand why as it brings such a big inconvenience to users, especially when you need to share a bulk of test cases with other colleagues.



GIVEN a user of some 2+ development team


WHEN the user wants to share some bulk of specific test cases in a particular top- or sub-directory in order to show new OR updated multiple test cases for existing OR new functionality with other team members


THEN the user can simply open or select the desired directory in the drop-down OR with the help of the clipboard icon, and copy a static link to this folder/directory which will bring other users who received this link to this specific folder/directory with the list of test cases inside in order to quickly see updated or save it to JIRA tasks as a reference to the location of test cases that require the update or other work on it. 


Current result:

Currently, there is no such function. When trying to copy the browser URL and open it on another machine as another JIRA user I get brought to the general "All test cases" page. When I copy and open this URL within my JIRA user / Browser it opens the desired directory but unfortunately, it is useless.


Can we do something here? We've been your customers for years and already requested this feature in the past but no progress was made toward this request. I hope we can still receive it and I'm requesting it for the last time as it has already become vital for us to have this feature for upcoming workflow, otherwise, we will not be able to use it anymore. 



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    I agree with what you're saying - it would be useful to be able to share links like this.  As a test manager I often need to do this for test cases and test cycles.  Would you consider raising this as a suggestion on the roadmap portal and we can get some votes in for it - I've added a link below 🙂


    Zephyr Scale Product Roadmap


    As a workaround you might consider using the 'Test execution results (list)' report and report test cases by Folder.  It's more work obviously but the link is dynamic and will update if test cases within that folder change.  You can also give the report a name by changing the title element in the URL (highlighted red below), and share that link with your team.


    &epicJQL=&title=Your Test Cases&displayUnit



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      Hello, thanks! I've done as you recommended, hoping it will have some advances!