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2 years ago

Using and changing Java and Open App properties

Hi friends,


I'm looking to know some testing scenarios in the desktop applications where we might need to change the open app and java properties. There is some documentation in the test complete website, but I'm looking to know some practical scenarios. When we might need to change the java properties (internal methods of the swing application)? And how do we change those properties, what's the usage etc.


Also, I'm struggling a lot to get cell focus in the Jtable grid cell and for some reasons our application doesn't support clickCell method so I am always struggling to navigate through the Jtable cells. There are some tricks like using the keyboard keys, tab, down etc, but some fields are changed as soon as the tab is performed on them to have other values, so this is not a good solution. Is there any java internal method that can be used to get cell focus, like editCellAt helped me a lot, but I need something to get cell focus.




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