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2 years ago

using a loop to select a certain value of a combo box

Hi, In TestComplete a want to select a certain value of a combobox.with country names in it I want to do that with a loop. So want to search in the combobox until I find de country "Australia" I don't think it is a data driven loop, because the value I need is not in a tabel or excel document but from a combobox in a screen. I cannot find how the syntax looks like.

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  • Hi RobvanBeest2,


    Another solution would be to use the 'Find' method to search through your comboBox for designated data, store the object to a variable then perform any required actions on that variable.


    Here is an example script in Python;

    def findChild():
      #navigate to the w3c example page
      browser = Aliases.browser
      #click on the comboBox to open it for child object detection  
      #spy the entire comboBox and create a variable that hold the comboBox object itself
      box = Aliases.browser.pageSelectOnlyComboboxExampleWai.FindElement("#listbox1")
      #search through all the Child objects of the comboBox and click on one that has Apple as the contentText
      child = box.Find("contentText", "Apple", "10")


    And here is the document for the 'Find' method;


    I hope this helps!