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4 years ago

Update Test Execution version using command line (via Jenkins) or in any other way



We are running Test Execute on an Azure vm whcih is created automatically using an image, this image has Test Execute already installed but, since it was created long ago the Test Execute version is old. we are writing the scripts in Test Complete and update it frequesntly and at some point the versions are not matching, instead of creating each time a new image that will include the latest version of test execute I thought maybe there's a way to update the test execute silently on the original image once the vm is created and loading or to do it using command line or any other way via the Jenlkins pipeline?

If there's a way to update the existing version somehow it is great.

If the re's a way to install it from scratch after downloading the latest version on a clean win 10 vm that's alos good but, in this case we will need to update the following web page- Gemalto Sentinel ACC: Configuration of where the license server sits so it can fetch the floating license. and maybe to do it on the server side as well so maybe it is more complicated?


If anyone knows of a way to do that I'll be greatful.





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