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12 months ago

Update Regarding TestComplete Web Issue

Recently, Chrome and Edge versions 113 caused issues with TestComplete. When this occurred, our development team worked diligently to solve the problem. Google and Microsoft have now released an update to roll back these changes, stabilizing the TestComplete web testing experience.
While these changes didn’t stem from TestComplete directly, we do find it of the utmost importance to always provide you with a high performing tool. With additional browser updates planned in the future, we have already taken steps to prevent major outages like this from occurring again.
Our teams plan to:
  • Continue to validate beta versions of upcoming browser updates
  • Ensure that breaking issues are always the top priority 
  • Release a TestComplete update to ensure upcoming browser versions are not impacted (recently released new version to support Chrome 114 and Edge 114)

We’re always committed to delivering the highest quality tools to your team. Thank you for your ongoing patience and continued partnership.
The TestComplete Team