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2 years ago

Update NameMapping from QA URL to production URL

We've been working on a revamp of our billing site. I've been building tests in TestComplete in the QA environment. The QA and production URLs are different. I've been going through the tests to re-map objects on a test-by-test basis, but that's a very tedious process. I have gone into NameMapping, clicked on the page in question, and updated the URL. After running the test again TestComplete is not seeing the objects and giving me errors in the log. Is there a different way to update the URL for all of the objects at the same time? Or is there possibly a better way to go through the name mapping process to avoid this in the future?

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    If the domain name is slightly different, then it's best to use wildcards as described by tvklovesu. Otherwise, an alternative approach is to use either


    • Use variable values and pass this to the command line which sets URL
    • Read from an .ini file and set URL



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    Thank you both. That appears to be working properly. I was using my wildcards in the wrong spots to match.