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13 years ago

"Unknown Name" Exception in Log.Picture Call

I have a keyword test that is run by a script and needs to perform logging actions from the script.  I have two variables in the keyword test that accommodate this need, "testResultScreenshot" and "testResultText".

Both the screenshot and text are set during the keyword test run, so just after the run a method can be called that will perform logging operations.  However, when I call "Log.Picture(test.Variables.testResultScreenshot, test.Variables.testResultText);", I get an "Unknown name" exception.  Here are the exception details in the caught exception object:

description: Unknown name

message: Unknown name

name: RangeError

number: -2147352570

An example of the methods being used to get the log info are

test.Variables.testResultScreenshot = NameMapping.Sys.IEXPLORE.pageEditor.Picture();

test.Variables.testResultText = "Exception caught. Test " + + " failed.";

What are the possible causes of this exception?  I didn't find anything in the documentation about this error.

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  • Hi Kenny,

    This does not seem to be the expected behavior. Let's try to narrow down the problem. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Check whether the problem can be reproduced with a public web page.

    2. Check whether the problem can be reproduced if you post an image of a web page element instead of the entire web page to the test log.

    3. Try using the Page.PagePicture method to retrieve the image of the entire page and check whether the problem persists in this case.

    4. If possible, check whether the problem can be reproduced on another PC.