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15 years ago

Unexpected or overlapping window event


I would like to know how to use the OnUnExpectedWindow event.

I followed the steps mentioned in the help file, but this event doesnt get triggered when i execute my tests.

Is there any place where we have to mention what are the unexpected windows?

I want to handle a crash window that appears while my tests are executed.

I also tried the event OnOverlappingWindow.

Also sometimes these crashes occur while the recording is going on. Does this affect these events as the crash window is already recognized by test complete? In that case where i can remove the windows that test complete recognizes?

Please let me know how to proceed.

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    Thanks for this information. I had already done all the settings required for closing unexpected or overlapping windows like Press close, ESC key etc.

    I have created an event handler for the Unexpected window event also in my code.

    But somehow for the windows that i want to be handled as unexpected, it doesnt get handled

    Is there any setting in test complete where i can mention the list of accepted or unexpected windows?

    Because these unexpected windows are actually thrown by the application that i am testing. These are sort of some crash windows.

    At the moment i have written functions to handle these windows. I call them at places i know there will be a definite crash.

    But sometimes it comes at other places also and it is very difficult to check for crash after every statement.

    Please let me know how to proceed

    Thanks & Regards


  • Got the same problem when testing web applications under FF3 and IE 7.
    Found no solution either.

  • Hi Sini,

    We have reproduced the problem with the OnUnexpectedWindow event, and currently, we are investigating it. We will get back to you as soon as we have some results.

  • Hi,

    Here are the results of our investigation:

    IE 8: Modal windows in this version of the browser behave in a non-standard way, which differs from the normal Win32 applications behavior. As a result, TestComplete does not detect them as unexpected. We will be working to improve detection mechanisms to make them function correctly in IE 8.

    FF 3, IE 7: We failed to reproduce the situation. We have tested unexpected window detection mechanisms for dialog boxes shown by the "alert" and "showModalDialog" functions in JavaScript, as well as for the "Open File" dialog shown by the input fields of the "file" type, and in all these situations the detection mechanisms worked correctly.

    Andriy, please give us the link to a public web site demonstrating the problem with IE 7 and FF 3 (BTW, specify the exact FF version you are using).

    Also, make sure that you have read the following SQAforums thread and set up the event handler correctly: