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9 years ago

Overlapping window

In the Delphi program is a component of RxDBComboBox1 pressing it runs smoothly, but the choice of the pop-up list and point out of it does not occur. (file list2) TestKomplete writes: "Overlapping window" and Additional Information: Sys.Process ('Program'). Window ('ComboLBox', '', 1)
The same thing happens with the calendar pop-up list (file kalendar2). How to solve the problem?

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    Basically, the 'Overlapping window' message means that your test code tries to perform some UI-related action (clicking, dragging, typing) against the UI object that is overlapped at the moment with some other UI object. In order to get rid of this problem, you must move away or close the overlapping object before performing the needed action.

    Regarding your specific problem: a lot of controls that drop down something (list, calendar window, etc.), implement those dropping down elements as a separate window that (in terms of Windows' window hierarchy and, subsequently, TestComplete's tested objects tree) is not related to the parent window that opened it.

    You may try either record selection from the Rx drop-down or calendar and check the recorded code. Or you may use the Object Browser in the Point-and-click mode (the button with the arrow), open drop-down or calendar, hover mouse over the parent window (the one with the down arrow) and the child one (the one with the list or the calendar itself) and check if the same or different windows are identified.

    I bet that the windows will be different. In this case you must either adopt your code to operate against those child windows or try to register Rx controls as a custom controls ( and and check if it helps.


    BTW, it might help if you provide us with the code that fails.

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    in TC go to Options>>>Current Properties then enable Ignore unexpected window and Ignore overlapping window



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      Thank you, but I need to make a choice in the popup (overlapping) window. If I set the "Ignore overlapping window" Playback does not choose my choice in popup (overlapping) window.

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        In details.

        During playback test. The program has a component Delphi RxDBComboBox1 by pressing it works normal, but the choice of options from the popup list does not occur. (File list2) TestComplete wrote, "Overlapping window" and additional information: Sys.Process ("Program"). Window ('ComboLBox', '', 1)
        The same thing happens with a list of the pop-up calendar (file kalendar2). First mistake: "Overlapping window". Then the error: "there was an attempt to perform an action at the point (194, 334), which is overlapped by another window." Additional Information:
        Tested object:
        (Sys.Process ('Program'). Window ('TPopupCalendar', '', 1) .Window ('TPanel', '', 1) .Window ('TLocCalendar', '', 1))
        In other words, the pop-up window, you can not select an option. I assume that there is no clicking the option.
        How to solve this problem?