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7 years ago

"Unexpected error from external database driver (1)" in TestComplete following MS update KB4041676



We have recently installed the latest Windows updates on our test environments and have since noticed any tests that use Data-driven testing with Excel spreadsheets have stopped working. Any test that fails gives an "Unexpected error from external database driver (1)" message.


After scouring around online we have tried the following to resolve:


- Resaving a spreadsheet with 2007 format (.xlsx)

- Upgrading TestComplete to 12.4 version

- Downloading and installing the driver for Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 (ACE)


The problem still occurred.


We then tried uninstalling the Windows update KB4041676 and the issue was resolved. Albeit, temporarily until Windows forces the install of the update again!


Does anyone know how to resolve this?


I'll be raising a Support case shortly to seek further help on this. Unfortunately, it seems something has changed which has caused this to break, either in the Windows update or somewhere else but it does seem significant that uninstalling KB4041676 seems to fix it...


Your help is appreciated.




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        Unfortunately, the instruction I've been given is to disable Windows Updates to stop the issue from occurring.


        I'm not sure this is a satisfactory response at present. Disabling Windows Updates is not something we want to do and would mean a change in process to how we currently work. I would usually expect the company releasing the software where the issue is displayed to act on the change made by Windows Updates... The software company I used to work would pro-actively test against the new Windows Updates when released and provide a patch if required to ensure their software functionality was unaffected and did not regress in any way for the customer.


        I'm processing their response currently but that's my instinctive feeling on it so far....



        I'm curious as to whether they've given you the same advice too David91