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12 years ago

understanding licensing

All of the documentation about licensing indicates that you cannot have multiple licenses for different test Complete products on the same license manager server. All of the that I see seem to speak to Enterprise vs Standard or # of users. Can I use the same license manager server for TC 8 and TC 9 licenses where I have the same #of licenses and both are Standard Edition. If I activate the TC9 license on that machine, I don't want to hose my TC 8 users while I test the new stuff.

Or do I need a separate license manager machine?

Thanks. Learning more about licenses now, I guess.


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    Hi Stephanie,

    Currently, you can use one License Manager PC to hold both TestComplete 8 and TestComplete 9 licenses. Besides that, both products can be installed on one computer as well.

    Please note that after you finish migrating your current projects, you will need to deactivate the TestComplete 8 license from the computer.