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5 years ago

Unablr to send scripts by Sendmail method

I am trying to send mail for all executed testItems.

But facing below error

"Unable to send email to the server."

Error message: "Must issue a STARTTLS command first. n16sm4366861otk.25 - gsmtp


Below the code I am using.

Sub Test

Call Log.SaveResultsAs("C:\Users\Music\10feb\Logmera1.mht", lsMHT)

End Sub

Function Test1
If SendMail("", "", "John Rliff", "", "Test Complete Automation Report", "Hello Team, Kindly find the attachment.", "C:\Users\Music\10feb\Logmera1.mht") Then
Log.Message "Mail was sent"
Log.Warning "Mail was not sent"
End If
End Function


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