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3 years ago

Unable to update the testcomplete to version 15.0


We are using TestComplete on multiple machines - 

Machine A - License Manager Machine (v14.93)

Machine B - v14.93 - floating user license

Machine C - v15.0 - trial version


Using Machine C project has been created and when user from Machine B tries to open the same project in his machine then he won't be able to open the same and getting following error - 


If we try to update the version of TestComplete in Machine B to V15.0 then user is getting following message - 

As User from Machine B is using the floating user license and didn't have the credentials. 

Is there any solution for this particular scenario

  • Hi Mohit_Dadhich  -


    Have you tried using Help > Check for updates in the TestComplete file menu bar?


    Let me know.