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3 years ago

Unable to Select Dropdown value in latest version of Testcomplete and TestExecute Version: 15.40.421

Hi All,


Sometimes my scripts are getting failed on selecting drop down value. This error is occurring randomly after i update my testcomplete and test execute to latest version. 




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    Without any additional details about your test code and tested application, this might be a timing issue.

    For example, if this dropdown is populated with data using some script, it is possible that sometimes script is delayed and this makes it not possible for dropdown to be opened.

    Try to add some hardcoded delay before the attempt to open dropdown (say, for 2-5seconds) and check if this solves the problem. If it does, than you will have to figure-out how to determine the moment of time when dropdown can be opened and implement this approach in your test code to make your test more performant and more stable.


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      No, actually i have implmented all these delays for testing but it stills does not work. However it used to be run fine previously

  • Hi All,


    I am also suddenly having this issue on multiple drop-down selections in my tests since updating. I have the same error as above, although in my screenshot i can see the drop down is open but then it seems like TestComplete/Execute just doesn't register that its open ... I am now on Chrome 100 (after forced update last week) however i think the issue was still there prior to that, i just didnt realise it was an issue across my entire test suite until now.


    It seems to happen randomly and not on all drop down selection actions in my tests...