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15 years ago

Unable to run any scripts created using TestExecute 7.20


I am unable to run any scripts created using Test Complete 7 using TestExecute 7.20

I have a project which has only one script. I open the same using Test
Execute 7.20 and nothing happens. When i click run there is an error "
Demo project cannot run and there are no selected items in that can be

Please help



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  • Hi Shashank,

    The problem is caused by the fact that you haven't created a test item corresponding to your script routine. Please see the "Test Items Page (Project Editor)" TestComplete help topic demonstrating how to create test items. If you launch TestExecute via the command line, you can specify the name of the function that will be run as a command-line argument to avoid displaying the error message. Please read the "TestExecute Command Line" help topic for more information.

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    Thanks for the reply. Can look of the topics you mentioned on Test Complete ??

  • Hi Samuel,

    Have you created test items that should be run in your project (see my first message)?