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8 years ago

Unable to Focus the control

I am Testing Flex/Flash Based Web application.  Using flash player debugger approach. 


There is text box in the application. I want to send the keys to that object. But i am getting an error as "unable to focus the control". 


Additional Info: An attempt to focus the control failed. The control may be invisible, disabled, non-focusable, or it may pass focus to another control.


below is code to send keys to the object:


Aliases.browser.Page("").Panel("flashDiv").Object("container").Container(0).PageObject("Page 66").Sprite(0).ChildObject("child4").Keys("Test");


Attached is the screenshot of the object.

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  • i tried same action by recording and convert the recording action to script. 


    why there is Browser.Navigate() method called before typing the text into the object


    Aliases.browser.pageXpanel3.objectContainer.container0.pageobjectPage66.sprite0.childobjectChild4.Click(184, 28);
    //Opens the specified URL in a running instance of the specified browser.
    Browsers.Item(btFirefox, "", Browsers.pX64).Navigate("");
    //Enters 'test' in the 'objectContainer' object.