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4 years ago

unable to connect to the remote instance of testcomplete (testexecute)

I am seeing the following message if I try to run the tasks synchronously. However, I am able to run individual tasks separately through job details page.


The firewall is turned off in both master and slave machines, and the verification is also successful. Please find the attached file for more details.


TestComplete Version: 14.50.976.7 x64


I have also tried to run the tasks through script but I got same error.




function Test()
var JobName = "CRUD_Operations";
var Job = NetworkSuite.Jobs.ItemByName(JobName)
var Tasks = Job.Tasks
var Num = Tasks.Count
for (var i = 0; i < Num; i++)


I would like to give you some more information on the set up which I am using to simulate the distributed testing;
I have a node locked license (which is a server) (Version: 14.50.976.7 x64)
On two VM's I have installed a trial version of TestExecute. (Version: 14.50.976.11)

Appreciate your help on the same.

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      Hi, sorry Sonya, but I'm not using the Network Suite project right now. I can't help you here.

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      May I know why this question of mine is not answered yet?

      Fyi, there is also a support ticket which I have created (Ref: Case #00444800: Distributed testing issue) since I was not getting any suggestions/solutions from this community on this issue.


      Kindly let me know if you need more information.


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        Hi Phanindra ! I just replied to your private message. Please keep working with our Support Team, since it looks like this requires deeper investigation. Thank you.